March 17th, 2020

Covid-19 and Business as Usual

Valued Client & Partner:

As details of the Coronavirus Disease (covid-19) unfold here in North America, many of our clients are navigating unchartered waters. We, at OnSite, want to ensure you that our operations have not been impacted by the government’s response and request for, “Social Distancing”. For many years, OnSite has not only put in place infrastructure to mitigate against serious threats, but we have also practiced these processes on a regular basis. We take the health and safety of our sta, your account managers, and all those associated with OnSite, very seriously.

Currently, everyone on our team is healthy! And, we have implemented the following precautions and guidelines:

  • At risk sta will be working remotely (from home) eective immediately;
  • Sta will operate on an “in-oce” rotation, which minimizes group activity;
  • All sta is set up for remote/at home operations;
  • With children being out of school, we encourage parents to work from home. Only healthy children/employees are allowed in the oce (on a rotating basis);
  • Business is operating AS USUAL!

We will continue to provide you with Cleaning Services throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our operations are not impacted.

We are prepared to provide ongoing, routine, preventative and emergency/on-demand service – as needed!

While some of your locations may implement temporary closures, others may require additional service. We are here to help!

Stay safe, keep communication open and reach out as soon as you have a need for service or adjustment.

Thank you for being our partner.

Jaclyn Frenzel
President/Chief Growth Officer

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